Thanks to everyone who spent a late night at the Library for Storytelling at Surry Hills Library last night. We were so glad to have a full house there to see Daniel Moore, Marc Carra, Jennifer Wong, Michael Hing (pictured) and Kate Worsley sharing their true stories. And congratulations to Jennifer Wong who declared that being in a library at night was one of her childhood dreams. We make dreams come true.

Thanks to City of Sydney Library and the Late Night Library program for making it happen and we hope to see you up late at a library some time soon. If you want updates on Storytelling’s next show please meet us on Facebook, Twitter, or join the email list or just keep an eye here on the website for announcements and news.




Daniel Moore Fish Burger

This is Daniel Moore, host of Thursday’s Late Night Library Storytelling event. Dan will be on Eastside Radio 89.7FM today on Drive at 4:30pm chatting about himself and giving a few sneak peeks into tomorrow’s Storytelling show. The show is part of Late Night Library series at Surry Hills Library thanks to City of Sydney. The show features Daniel and storytellers Jennifer Wong, Michael Hing, Marc Carra, and Kate Worsley, telling true first hand stories of their own lives.

Now, about Daniel. Don’t worry, the fish isn’t real, and he didn’t eat it. We can’t be sure about the bread roll, though. Life’s pretty tough for a working comedian like Daniel. Tough but good! Daniel has just wrapped up smashing seasons at Melbourne and Sydney Comedy Festivals and we’re very pleased that at tomorrow’s show Daniel will share his story about the hilarious discrimination he encountered when trying to join a women’s athletic group. You’ll have to be there to hear it. Did we mention it’s FREE! All the details are here and please book because spaces are limited.

Tune in to Eastside Radio 89.7FM today at 4:30pm to hear a chat with Daniel Moore about Storytelling at Late Night Library.




We went down to Surry Hills Library yesterday to check it out ahead of next week’s Storytelling show there as part of Late Night Library. The building may just take the coolest piece of architecture Storytelling has ever been performed inside of prize from CarriageWorks.

It’s a pretty great building, and it will play host to our free Storytelling show next Thursday 26th May at 9-10pm. That’s right. The Library is open late. This ain’t no ordinary library. It looks like a cross between a spaceship and a pristine bookshop. I’m not even sure if you’re allowed to borrow the books. But you can take the stories home with you, so come along to see real people telling true stories of their own lives. This show will feature Daniel Moore with a great tale about the comical discrimination present when he tries to join a women’s athletic group called Physie. Tropfest Best Actress Kate Worsley shares her true tale of five different weirdos; and comedian, writer, and dog watcher Jen Wong shares stories from inside the bookshops that have been her employment staple for the past decade. Plus more to be announced.

The show is FREE thanks to the good ol’ City of Sydney but please do RSVP, the librarians told us that it’s almost full. You can book here. AND THERE IS FREE CHEESE AND WINE for a limited time only. CHEESE. WINE. Be there or be, um, not eating cheese and (drinking) wine.





Campfire Collective are big fans of FBi’s All the Best so we went along last night to help out on an All The Best live recording, in a special Sydney Writers Festival event at the festival Club Stage down at Hickson Road Wharf. We took some photos. There are billions here and a few more below.

The show’s theme was Power, and the show kicked off on a powerful note with footage from a powerful moment, Gough Whitlam’s dismissal. Then the show turned to the live tellers to share their stories on power, exploring among other things powerlessness, the power of fear, magic powers, and what happens in the inner city when the power goes out. An unbelievable hotbed of talent shared stories including All The Best contributors and guests Adam Zwi & Mikah Pajaczowska-Russell, Katherine Lim, and Vanessa Berry, plus special SWF guests Wendy Bacon and Alicia Hamilton, Mandy Sayer, and Anna Krien.


Special musical guest Fergus Brown powerfully kicked out the jams with the Freeman siblings providing backing on bass and voice/loop/melodica respectively. My favourite moment of the night happened off air, as brilliant writer Mandy Sayer talked with composer and musician Fergus Brown about a bit of music for the band to play as she reads a passage from her novel Love in the Year of Lunacy.
Mandy: can you just play 12 bar blues?
Fergus: (without skipping a beat) No.

Instead, Fergus played something heaps better, and it was great. To hear what he played, plus all the great stories from the night, tune in when the live recording is broadcast on Sat 28 May at 10am on All The Best on FBi 94.5FM.

You can find out more about who was there, here, except Iranian Australian feminist Sarah Haghdoosti didn’t make it which is a shame. Judging by this article about Jake Gyllenhaal’s Prince of Persia stealing her identity, she would have been great to listen to.
Thanks to everyone at All the Best especially Jesse Cox for the hookups and Brigitte Dagg for involving us and for buying us a drink. And to Amber, Susie, and the rest of the Club Stage venue gang, cheers. What a crew!





So its been a while since Imperial Panda in March but we just got our hands on the photos by the super talented Lucy Parakhina.

The Helen- Rose Schausberger Laboratorium played host to storytellers Michael Workman, Kate Worsley, Marc Carra, Annaliese Constable and Steve Hughes.
Michael Workman (who just won best new-comer at Melbourne International Comedy Festival for his show Humans are Beautiful yay!) told a story of growing up in Perth and dabbling in the occult in an abandoned cinema turned neo Nazi headquarters.

Kate Worsley (who will retell her story at the Surry Hills library next week) told a tale of five strange encounters leaving her to wonder if it was all coincidence or perhaps something to do with her.

Marc Carra added another chapter to his Helios Hotbags story intertwined with the tale of the love of his life and how it almost didn’t happen due to an absent minded landlord.

Annaliese Constable was a perfectly filthy close to a night of stories with brilliant stories of propositioning cab drivers, resulting in sex in graveyards and late night drop ins to her own house. Poetic and perverse!

The internationally acclaimed comedian Steve Hughes proved that old adage that truth beats fiction sharing the story of himself and then housemate and fellow comedian Jim Jeffries being tied up and held at machete point by home intruders. It was a cautionary tale – the law caught up with the bandits, and Hughes was later admonished by the mother of one of the robbers at the court hearing “look what you’ve done to my son,” because they were stupid enough to be caught speeding in their own getaway car a couple of blocks away.

Steve Hughes

All in all a fun night. Thanks Imperial Panda.