We have been working with the Library Programming team at City of Sydney across the past three years creating programs for the Surry Hills, Glebe and Newtown Libraries as part of the Late Night Library and Bites After Work programs.

Michael spoke to Rebecca Allen at The Australian this week about live programming in libraries and why its great for artists and audiences alike.

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Tonight marked Campfire Collective’s workshop debut, presenting Storytelling 101 in the gallery at Newtown Library. Whether you were there, or you weren’t, here’s some of the stuff we covered.

The brain that tells itself stories

Once you’ve read it if you want to see a young Dr. Gazzaniga demonstrating the experiment in this rare documentary, start here at 6:45

And then years later a present Dr. Gazzaniga explaining the theory of The Interpreter – the brain function that seeks stories to explain our own actions.

Click here to download Lizz Winstead’s 25c spa story at itunes (free)

The end of the story. You heard the beginning of this story which started at the end, now hear the rest. Listen to what happened after the men with the guns burst in on Johnny Marigliano.

Storytelling-marigliano by Campfirecollective on Mixcloud

Storytelling sites that we regularly visit:

The Moth
All The Best FBi Radio Podcast
This American Life

After tonight our follow up intensive Storytelling 102 is already full, but don’t worry all you aspiring storytellers, we’re already planning an overflow session in the first few weeks of June, and a showcase event in August to bring all the stories to a stage. So start mining for memories right now!





We were lucky enough to see The Moth GrandSLAM XXIV: Fight or Flight when we were in New York recently. We have been longtime fans of The Moth podcast which we discovered a few years ago after starting our own Storytelling event in Sydney.

The night was hosted by Dan Kennedy whom many of you will know from the podcast and featured ten storytellers. The storytellers Alethea Black, Micaela Blei, Caitlin Brodnik, Jerald Hayes, Jen Lee, Justin McElwee, Ben Moskowitz, Steven Puente, Michael Soviero and Steve Zimmer. They had all won a previous StorySLAM to make it to the GrandSLAM.

We were really impressed with all the storytellers. It made waiting outside for 90minutes in the freezing cold to get a last minute standing ticket worthwhile.




Campfire Collective presents mixed tape variety show, Vaudevillage at Harvest Festival Melbourne Nov 12, Sydney Nov 13 and Brisbane Nov 19 2011.












Come to Harvest Festival and check out our live art show Vaudevillage in the Le Boudoir.

Featuring the likes of

Virginia Gay
The Bedroom Philosopher
Die Roten Punkte
The Suitcase Royale
Asher Treleaven
Vachel Spirason
Zoe Coombs Marr
Randy the purple puppet
Smart Casual
Skye Staniford
Skills in Time
Mel Buttle

The Vaudevillagers are restless! Shift your festival into gear with the hottest poets, comedians, musicians and spoken word, theatre, dance and performance artists all together in a mash up in the Le Boudoir. Variety is not a dirty word.

A funky Frankenstein of a show, classy bits of everything stitched together in one beautiful beast of a bash! Handpicked by Campfire Collective, the best in alternative theatre, spoken word, literature, comedy, music, dance and performance art will sit side by side like a Viewmaster loaded with heartstarting art, click, next, click, next, click, next. Grab a drink, take a seat, and kick start your day.

VAUDEVILLAGE MELBOURNE is held together by the inimitable and electric ringmaster Virginia Gay. Virginia is joined by The Bedroom Philosopher (as heard on Triple J); Die Roten Punkte, a lipstick-smeared, tantrum-loving, sonic collision between B52s, Kraftwerk and early Ramones; The Suitcase Royale, the rag bone band of three kicking kick the arse out of theatre, comedy and music, like Tom Waits meets The Mighty Boosh and The League of Gentlemen in the outback. There’s also Award Winning comedian, dandy and postmodern ponce Asher Treleaven sharing his collection of some of the world’s worst (best) Mills and Boon-esque erotic literature; Vachel Spirason of Melbourne Fringe Award Winning Best Comedy The Hermitude of Angus Ecstatic, and who has been compared to a young Rowan Atkinson. And Australia’s hottest new wordsmiths, State Finalists of the Australian Poetry Slam win their way onto the stage of Le Boudoir for two minutes of slam supremacy at Vaudevillage.

VAUDEVILLAGE SYDNEY features comedy, performance art, and a smoking drinking foul-mouthed purple puppet. Featuring performance collective and never-slowing satiristas Applespiel; Zoe Coombs Marr, one third of performance super collective post brings you Jurassic Park, band camp, flute solos, and more; smoking, drinking, foul mouthed purple puppet Randy joins the rank, the character creation of decade long puppetry veteran Heath McIvor, who Edinburgh’s The Scotsman called “Fiendishly talented”; Brothers in musical comedy, Smart Casual is Fletcher Jones (on guitar) and Roger David (on beard), arguably Australia’s smartest, most casual musical comedy duo.

VAUDEVILLAGE BRISBANE features special interstate guest, from Melbourne, multiple world record holder and wit hot maverick The Bedroom Philosopher, as heard on Triple J. The stage will be spooked by the words of acclaimed spoken weird artist GhostBoy, joined by singer songwriter Skye Staniford, mixing surreal storytelling, punk performance poetry and kabaret song as they take you to the back of the bus. Be prepared for a party popper explosion as Skills in Time – the driving force behind Brisbane’s cult Livewired comedy at Brisbane Powerhouse – take to the stage. Last but not least, there will be laughs and rhymes from Brisbane’s own Mel Buttle, the juvenile delinquent-teaching, rap-battling comedian.





Sydney’s cult live storytelling series takes up residency at Eliza 5, in the Sydney Fringe Club. Real people tell true stories of their own lives, live. Hot on the tail of New York’s institutional and world famous live storytelling series The Moth, Sydney’s own true story series Storytelling promises straight up, straight forward storytelling at its best: real, raw and honest.

If the last story you heard was by tweet, status update, or SMS, you need this celebration of unashamedly old fashioned storytelling, featuring short true stories shared by four or five storytellers.

Past storytellers have included a nun, a former drug addict, and an East Timorese journalist. Past stories have included first hand experiences of pilots locking themselves out of cockpits, exhuming the family pet and keeping its skull, life as a life model, being fired, addictions, and rehab to name a few. Recent notable storytellers have included actress Virginia Gay, and international comedian DeAnne Smith, as seen on Good News Week.

Sep 25, 2:00pm
Michael Chamberlin – comedian, storyteller extraordinaire and comic writer for Can of Worms, Rove, GlassHouse, In Gordon St Tonight.
Johnny Marigliano – the most Brooklyn man you could meet, with tale of true Brooklyn crime: Gangsters, hoodlums, shylocks, and Pizza.
Zuzi Fort – from refugee camps to Miss Fitness Australia.
Plus Marc Carra & Pete Lead.

Oct 2, 2:00pm
Jack Tsonis did something very naughty whilst working for Telstra and the boss found out. It became company history, and you’ll laugh when you found out what it was. More storytellers to be announced.

5 Eliza – Fringe Club, 5 Eliza St (behind the Zanzibar Hotel)